CAN MULTILINGUAL MARKETING OPEN THE DOOR TO BIG BUSINESS?The English language now accounts for less than 13% of internet searches within the EU and less than 10% across Asia. Businesses who only market themselves with web sites written in English are clearly missing out.In order to compete in a global market, and attract new overseas customers, you have to make it possible for people to find your web site in a language they feel comfortable with; this is where we can help.We design, build and develop multilingual web sites in order to generate the highest possible exposure for your business products or services. We take away all the technical and linguistic difficulties and make it easy for you to break into lucrative overseas markets.A simple five-language site can put your business in front of an additional 412 million internet users; creating thousands of extra visitors to your site, leading to a potential four fold increase in generated sales.Multilingual marketing works, simply because people will always use their native language first when searching the internet.You simply have to tell us what you want to achieve, and which countries you wish to break into, and within a matter of weeks you can be doing business across Europe, across Asia or the entire world.Click here to find out the key facts on multilingual marketing